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VIDO          Joerik and I started with some living room “concerts” in 1974 with a guitar and a flute. We called ourselves VIDO and the Spectators. The idea was free drinks, food and above all ….fun!           Trevor, a brother of Joerik, and his friend, Gaston joined us a year later and we formed the band called VIDO. >     In August 1976 Renno , a well known guitar player in the region, became also a member.      VIDO wrote many songs, Mr Dreckneck , Song for Brian, Future island, Tonight, Mouchoire, etc., etc. They all had that typical VIDO sound.     Our live acts where famous, the Dreckneck and Dracula acts were hilarious.           VIDO did a lot of successful gigs in the period 1976 till 1988 in the south of the Netherlands and Belgium.     After that period the inspiration and creativity to make new songs were gone and Renno decided to make a new step and formed his own blues-rockband.      The rest of us tried to go on playing covers, without success, so it did not last long.                In 2005 a famous festival, BosPop, asked us to play on their 25th anniversary. We accepted and had so much fun that we decided to make a new start, but this time without Renno, our dear friend who had health problems past away in 2010.                With the four of us we started to write new songs and in 2011 we did the ‘VIDO Buddy Face Dublin Tour’ followed two years later in 2013 by the ‘VIDO Berlin Ohne Gewähr Tour’.     A large bus with friends and fans joined us on both trips. In honor of our 40th anniversary in 2014 VIDO has made the album, ‘As blue as the ocean’.                In January this year Toets, a professional keyboard player, joined the band.      Together we are working hard to make our “VIDO STIFFY ON THE BUS PRAGUE TOUR” end of October 2015 a big success!           Thank You all for your support allover the years and we hope to see you soon in Prague or at one of our gigs coming up.           VIDO Sven              
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VIDO ohne Gewähr Berlin Tour
VIDO ohne Gewähr Berlin Tour
VIDO ohne Gewähr Berlin Tour
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Vido - Lady
Foto van Vido Buddy Face Dublin Tour
Vido Buddy Face Dublin Tour
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